Verifying The Integrity Of ICs Based On Their Electromagnetic (EM) Near-Field Emissions

A technical paper titled “Contact-Less Integrity Verification of Microelectronics Using Near-Field EM Analysis” was published by researchers at University of Florida and Brookhaven National Laboratory. Abstract: "Modern microelectronics life-cycle and supply chain ecosystem bring multiple untrusted entities, which can compromise their integrity. A major integrity issue of microelectronics... » read more

The Threat Of Supply Chain Insecurity

Concerns about counterfeit chips are growing as more chips are deployed in safety- and mission-critical applications, prompting better traceability and new and inexpensive solutions that can determine if chips are new or used. But some counterfeit chips still slip through, and the problem gets worse wherever there are shortages. Estimates vary widely for how much counterfeiting costs in term... » read more

Locking-Based Design-For-Security Methodology To Prevent Piracy of RF transceiver ICs

A new technical paper titled "Anti-Piracy Design of RF Transceivers" was published by researchers at Sorbonne Universite (France). Abstract: "We present a locking-based design-for-security methodology to prevent piracy of RF transceiver integrated circuits. The solution is called SyncLock as it locks the synchronization of the transmitter with the receiver. If a key other than the secret ... » read more

Add Security And Supply Chain Trust To Your ASIC Or SoC with eFPGAs

Before Covid-induced supply chain issues affected semiconductor availability and lead times, concerns about counterfeit parts and trusted supply chains were becoming the subject of many articles and discussions affecting critical data centers, communications, public infrastructure, and facilities such as regional power plants and the grid. Today’s semiconductor design and manufacturing is com... » read more

Supply Chain Security And Counterfeit Detection Using UCT

The recent shortage of chip supply and long lead times prompted system makers to turn to second tier suppliers and distributors for fulfilling their semiconductor needs. This in turn has put the spotlight on the growing concern of fraudulent or counterfeited integrated circuits (ICs). Proteus deep data analytics based on Universal Chip Telemetry (UCT) provides a new approach to supply chain ... » read more

Probe assisted localized doping of aluminum into silicon substrates

Abstract "This paper discusses the development of a rapid, large-scale integration of deterministic dopant placement technique for encoding information in physical structures at the nanoscale. The doped structures inherit identical and customizable radiofrequency (RF) electronic signature, which could be leveraged into an identification feature unique to the tag item. This will allow any manuf... » read more

Combating Counterfeit Chips

The harsh reality is that today, the authenticity of chips is often impossible to guarantee. The counterfeit chip market is sizeable and growing with a worldwide value estimated at $75B in 2019. Those counterfeits are believed to have been integrated into more than $169B of electronic devices. Recent confirmed incidents of counterfeit parts found in electronic systems include defibrillators, ai... » read more

How Secure Is Your Face?

Biometric security, which spans everything from iris scans to fingerprint sensors, is undergoing the same kind of race against hackers as every other type of sensor. While most of these systems work well enough to identify a person, there are a number of well-known ways to defeat them. One is simply to apply newer technology to cracking algorithms used inside these devices. Improvements in p... » read more

Who’s Watching The Supply Chain?

Every company developing chips at the most advanced process nodes these days is using different architectures and heterogeneous processing and memory elements. There simply is no other way to get the kind of power/performance improvements needed to justify the expense of moving to a new process node. So while they will reap the benefits of traditional scaling, that alone is no longer enough. ... » read more

Combating Counterfeit Semiconductors In The Military Supply Chain

The reality: semiconductors are often counterfeits. In most current implementations, semiconductor authenticity is practically impossible to guarantee. The counterfeit market for semiconductors is real, sizable and growing: • 2012: According to a report produced by the Senate Armed Services Committee, more than 1,000,000 suspect counterfeit electronic components have been used in 1,800 sep... » read more

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