System-Level Benefits Of The Versal Platform

Learn about the system-level benefits of Versal ACAPs and compare performance to competing programmable logic-based devices.


Moore’s Law has fueled the technological prosperity of the last 50 years, but it is generally believed now that Gordon Moore’s 1965 forecast about the pace of innovation no longer holds true today. Continuing the silicon architectures of yesterday cannot meet the expanding demands of tomorrow’s workloads. Frequently highlighted by today’s leaders in the field of computer architecture, to meet these workload demands, the industry has entered a new golden age of computer architecture, giving rise to domain-specific architectures. The Xilinx® Versal portfolio offers a disruptive architecture, combining best-inclass 7nm programmable logic with scalar processing engines, spatial processing hardware engines, and vector processing intelligent engines, along with leading-edge memory and interfacing technologies to provide a foundational platform for adaptable domain-specific architectures across a range of markets and applications.

This white paper evaluates the Versal architecture’s system-level performance across a set of domain applications and compared to competing programmable-logic based devices.

Click here to access the paper.

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