RF To Millimeter-Wave Front-End Component Design Trends For 5G Communications

This white paper discusses design challenges and solutions related to the "third wave" of communications, presenting several case studies in which the Cadence AWR Design Environment platform has been used to develop products for 5G and beyond. Examples include a multiband active antenna tuner for cellular internet of things (IoT) machine-type communications (mMTC) applications, a linear power a... » read more

Smart Home Device Communication In The Era Of Hyperconnectivity

In our increasingly hyperconnected world, a fascinating area to watch is what I would call "the last 100 feet, give or take." There are many standards like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Zigbee, or Thread used for IoT device connectivity. There are very active discussions about how our smart devices should be allowed to talk to other resources, like our neighbor's Wi-Fi. In the IoT's municipal and industria... » read more