Chip Industry Week In Review

By Jesse Allen, Susan Rambo, and Liz Allan The U.S. government will invest about $3 billion for the National Advanced Packaging Manufacturing Program (NAPMP), including an advanced packaging piloting facility to help U.S. manufacturers adopt new technology and workforce training programs. It also will provide funding for projects concentrating on materials and substrates; equipment, tools, ... » read more

Low Density Of LPDDR4x DRAM — The Best Choice For Edge AI

Edge AI computes the data as close as possible to the physical system. The advantage is that the processing of data does not require a connected network. The computation of data happens near the edge of a network, where the data is being developed, instead of in a centralized data-processing center. One of the biggest benefits of edge AI is the ability to secure real-time results for time-sensi... » read more

The New Convergence: IoT, AI, And 5G Bring Actionable Intelligence To The Factory Floor

Last year, I reflected on the Renesas Renaissance in terms of how our long-term growth strategy is positioning the company as a full-spectrum, global technology solutions provider with an extended physical footprint in the U.S., Europe, and China. Thanks to the acquisitions of Intersil, IDT, Dialog Semiconductor, and Celeno we now have expansive design capabilities that surround our embedded... » read more

AI At The IoT Edge Is Disrupting The Industrial Market

Artificial intelligence (AI) at the edge of the network is a cornerstone that will influence the future direction of the technology industry. If AI is an engine of change, then semiconductors are the oil driving the new age that is being defined by machine learning (ML), neural networks, 5G connectivity and the advent of blockchain, digital twins and the metaverse. Despite recent disruptions... » read more

The New Disruptive Force In High-End AIoT Markets

MediaTek is known for its SoC solutions in the mobile and consumer device markets. In fact, the smartphone market is now producing the most advanced and performant SoC designs on the planet. MediaTek is a vital part of this innovation. Each year it produces a range of chipsets for the mobile market, like the flagship Dimensity 9000 which adopted Arm’s v9 CPU and Mali-GPU technologies to del... » read more

Manufacturing Shifts To AI Of Things

AI is being infused into the Internet of Things, setting the stage for significant improvements in manufacturing productivity, improved uptime, and reduced costs — regardless of market segment. The traditional approach to improving manufacturing equipment reliability and efficiency is regular scheduled maintenance. While that is an improvement over just fixing or replacing equipment when i... » read more

AI: A Perfect Solution But At What Cost?

The advancement of artificial intelligence (AI) has been a great enabler for the Internet of things (IoT). Given the ability to think for itself, it’s shrugged off its original definition as a network of tiny sensors and grown to incorporate a host of more intelligent AIoT (AI+IoT) devices, from smartphones all the way up to autonomous vehicles. AI has also paved the way for new IoT device... » read more