Solving the AppSec Puzzle: Connecting AppSec To Your DevOps Pipeline

Integrating application security (AppSec) into your software development life cycle and DevOps pipeline is increasingly important in today’s development environment. Commonly referred to as “shifting left” or “shifting everywhere,” AppSec integration helps avoid the late-stage testing and development that can delay product releases or lead to overlooked risks being promoted into produ... » read more

Augment Or Replace? How IAST Fits Into The AppSec Landscape

As the pace, volume, and complexity of application development continue to escalate, it becomes increasingly difficult to maintain software security and quality. More speed, more volume, and more complexity too often lead to less security and less quality. Interactive application security testing (IAST) is an exciting option for organizations looking to maintain both the speed and complexity... » read more

AppSec Risk: The Dangers And How to Manage Them

As software continues to deliver more features than ever before, its quality and security are increasingly crucial to the success of every organization. Building secure software makes business sense for a variety of reasons, including diminishing financial liability and improving competitive advantage. Keeping track of every software vulnerability, however, is taxing and time-consuming—and... » read more

Guide To Application Security: What To Look For And Why

Does your organization do software development in-house? If you’d like to learn more about application security but don’t know where to start, this white paper will arm you with development and security fundamentals. Inside you'll find: Key concepts, terminology, and why DevSecOps and cloud development matters The trade-offs of different AppSec tools (e.g., SAST, DAST, IAST) and ... » read more