More Manufacturing Issues, More Testing

Douglas Lefever, CEO of Advantest America, sat down with Semiconductor Engineering to talk about changes in test, the impact of advanced packaging, and business changes that are happening across the flow. What follows are excerpts of that discussion. SE: What are the big changes ahead in test? Lefever: It's less about inflection points and more like moving from algebra to calculus in the ... » read more

Automated Traceability Of Requirements In The Design And Verification Process Of Safety-Critical Mixed-Signal Systems

System-level design and verification of safety-critical hardware requires a consistent methodology which complies with industrial safety-standards, for example ISO 26262 for automotive applications. For certification of safety-critical systems, the development process has to implement and enforce a strict traceability of requirements, linking the requirement specification, the design implementa... » read more

Lazy Or Bored: The Outcome Might Be The Same

I recently talked to an engineering manager responsible for system validation at a major automotive company. The topic was the continuous growth of software content and how to reach the right software quality. He explained that for the part he is responsible for, most software is created by his suppliers. But because the carmaker is ultimately held responsible for any issue with the car, he has... » read more