Which Fuel Will Drive Next-Generation Autos?

With gasoline prices hitting uncomfortable highs, consumers increasingly are looking toward non-gasoline-powered vehicles. But what ultimately will power those vehicles is far from clear. Inside the cabin and under the hood, these vehicles will be filled with semiconductors. Yet what the energy source is for those semiconductors is the subject of ongoing debate. It could be batteries, hydrog... » read more

Making Batteries Denser And Safer

Battery technology is improving swiftly, driven by the rapidly rising demand for electric vehicles and the vast body of knowledge developed by the semiconductor industry. The market for electric vehicles (EVs) is on a fast upward trajectory, with global sales predicted to grow more than 12 times to more than 31 million vehicles. In fact, EVs will account for almost a third of new vehicle sal... » read more

Problems In The Power Grid

The gap is widening between power availability and peak demand. Ritesh Tyagi, head of innovation and growth strategy at Infineon Technologies, talks about what needs to be done to fix the power grid, particularly as more cars are electrified and more electronic devices are mobile. While there currently is a surplus in power being generated on a macro level in the United States, for example, it�... » read more