Problems In The Power Grid

How the electrification of everything will affect power generation, storage and availability.


The gap is widening between power availability and peak demand. Ritesh Tyagi, head of innovation and growth strategy at Infineon Technologies, talks about what needs to be done to fix the power grid, particularly as more cars are electrified and more electronic devices are mobile. While there currently is a surplus in power being generated on a macro level in the United States, for example, it’s not going to be equally available in the right places at the time it’s needed. How and where will this be generated, how will it be stored, and how will it be transported?


Steve B says:

When renewables are priced it needs to include the price of intermittency. It’s real, and it’s uniquely associated with renewables. As to using vehicular batteries for grid storage, it’s a novel concept, but the downside is if the battery is drained feeding the grid, then transportation is needed it’s not available. This has life & death consequences (evacuation notice due to wildfire or tornado, onset of labor pain, medical emergency).

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