Consolidation And Innovation

Consolidation is happening across the semiconductor industry, in ways that are very apparent and others that aren't so obvious. On the chipmaker side, NXP's acquisition of Freescale, Avago's acquisition of Broadcom and LSI, and Intel's acquisition of Altera are so big that they require approval by multiple governments. Less obvious are moves such as Apple's build out of its processor team, a... » read more

High-Performance Analog And RF Circuit Simulation Using The Analog FastSPICE Platform At Columbia University

The research group led by Professor Peter Kinget at the Columbia University Integrated Systems Laboratory (CISL) focuses on cutting edge analog and RF circuit design using digital nanoscale CMOS processes. Areas of research include design techniques for circuits operating below 1 V, digitally calibrated RF front ends for superior linearity performance, LO synthesizers for wireless applications,... » read more

The Week In Review: Design

Tools Synopsys rolled out a major new release of its place and route tool, the centerpiece of its physical design platform, offering up to 10X improvement in speed—a combination of 5X faster implementation and 2X larger capacity. Co-CEO Aart de Geus called it the most significant product in the company’s history. Synopsys also rolled out an AMS verification platform to accelerate regres... » read more

Mentor Buys Berkeley Design

Mentor Graphics announced today that it has acquired Berkeley Design Automation, staking a claim on the expanding market for analog, mixed-signal and RF verification. The deal puts Mentor on firm footing against Synopsys and Cadence, just as the opportunity for the Internet of Things (IoT), including automotive and medical design, begins to show real promise. Until this move, Mentor has larg... » read more

The Week In Review: System-Level Design

India's reliance on technology has created a huge demand for software in the country. IDC expects the market for enterprise software in India to grow 19%, and the market for collaborative applications to grow 13.5%. Growth is continuing across all business markets, turning India into a huge consumer of software rather than just a creator. The enterprise software market in India is dominated by ... » read more

The Road Ahead for 2014: Semiconductors

Last week, Semiconductor Engineering examined the 2014 predictions from several thought leaders in the industry and published those predictions that related to general market trends. Many of those predictions require some advances in semiconductor technologies and fabrications capabilities. It is those predictions that will be examined in this part, followed next week by the predictions related... » read more