High-Performance Analog And RF Circuit Simulation Using The Analog FastSPICE Platform At Columbia University

Researchers examine design techniques at less than 1V and digitally calibrated RF front ends.


The research group led by Professor Peter Kinget at the Columbia University Integrated Systems Laboratory (CISL) focuses on cutting edge analog and RF circuit design using digital nanoscale CMOS processes. Areas of research include design techniques for circuits operating below 1 V, digitally calibrated RF front ends for superior linearity performance, LO synthesizers for wireless applications, and low-power data converters. Key challenges in the design of these circuits include block-level characterization and full-circuit verification. This paper highlights these verification challenges by discussing the results of a 2.2 GHz PLL LC-VCO, a 12-bit pipeline ADC, and an ultra-wideband transceiver, and the benefits of using the Analog FastSPICE (AFS) Platform from Berkeley Design Automation (now Mentor Graphics) for nanometer circuit verification [1].

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