Reliability Performance Of S-Connect Module (Bridge Technology) For Heterogeneous Integration Packaging

Bridge technology is a promising heterogeneous integration (HI) solution for application-specific integrated circuits (ASICs) and high bandwidth memory (HBM). The bridge dies provide localized communications among the multiple system on chips (SoCs) in a single package. In Amkor's bridge technology, S-Connect provides die-to-die connections with fine pitch [1]. Prototype S-Connect technology wa... » read more

Week In Review: Semiconductor Manufacturing, Test

The European Union’s Chips Act Commission has approved €8.1 billion ($8.73 billion) in funding for an Important Project of Common European Interest (IPCEI). As part of this IPCEI, 56 companies, including small and medium-sized enterprises (‘SMEs') and start-ups, will undertake 68 projects in research, innovation, and deployment of microelectronics and communication technologies across th... » read more