Blog Review: Aug. 21

By Ed Sperling Mentor’s Michael Ford recalls the worst meetings in the world—ones that involve materials in the manufacturing process. Unfortunately there were a lot of them, so they were more like working in a recurring nightmare. Paging Freddie Krueger. Synopsys’ Karen Bartleson talks with Angisys CEO Anupam Bakshi about why EDA companies need to collaborate, and what’s the risk ... » read more

Experts At The Table: Changes In The Ecosystem

By Ed Sperling Semiconductor Manufacturing & Design sat down with Michael Buehler-Garcia, director of design solutions marketing at Mentor Graphics; Seow Yin Lim, group director for marketing at Cadence; Kevin Kranen, director of strategic alliances at Synopsys, and Tom Quan, director at TSMC. What follows are excerpts of that conversation. SMD: What’s changing in the ecosystem and ho... » read more

Collaboration Grows

By Ed Sperling A series of recent announcements by the Big Three EDA vendors and their well-known partners from across the disaggregated SoC ecosystem is lending new credence to the impact of collaboration. While IDMs such as Apple, Intel, Samsung and IBM continue to blaze their own trail, developing in-house tools, methodologies, processes and chips, fabless companies working with foundrie... » read more

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