Blog Review: Aug. 21

Recurring nightmares; collaboration; emulation twists; signoff; build or buy; making furniture; software strategies.


By Ed Sperling
Mentor’s Michael Ford recalls the worst meetings in the world—ones that involve materials in the manufacturing process. Unfortunately there were a lot of them, so they were more like working in a recurring nightmare. Paging Freddie Krueger.

Synopsys’ Karen Bartleson talks with Angisys CEO Anupam Bakshi about why EDA companies need to collaborate, and what’s the risk if they don’t. Death, apparently.

Cadence’s Richard Goering looks at some new uses for emulation—embedding devices inside the emulator with accelerated VIP, and using a hybrid mode that combines emulators with virtual platforms. That says something about the difficulty of verification these days.

Mentor’s Harry Foster has more to say about verification, too. He uncorks part 10 of the Wilson Research Group functional verification study, this segment focused on FPGA dynamic verification trends and signoff criteria trends.

Independent blogger Gaurav Jalan examines the build vs. buy equation for verification IP. The scale tips in favor of buy, but not for everyone and not all the time.

Synopsys’ Mick Posner shows off his latest USB art and his furniture-making skills. This is what engineers do in their spare time.

Cadence’s Brian Fuller digs into some cool gadgets, including a printer that eats its way down a stack of paper, how engineers brew beer, and a survey about what young people think about engineering.

Mentor’s Colin Walls digs into ARM’s big.LITTLE and the three software models ARM envisions for its task-dependent platform. This is an interesting concept for energy efficiency.

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