Image Sensor Trained To Classify Optically Projected Images By Reading Out The Few Most Relevant Pixels

New research paper "Sparse pixel image sensor" from Institute of Photonics, Vienna University of Technology. Abstract "As conventional frame-based cameras suffer from high energy consumption and latency, several new types of image sensors have been devised, with some of them exploiting the sparsity of natural images in some transform domain. Instead of sampling the full image, those devices... » read more

13000 FPS Vision System-on-Chip With Mixed-Signal Compressed Sensing

This paper presents a monolithic high-speed VSoC (Vision-System-on-Chip) with three software-programmable 16-bit ASIPs (application-specific instruction-set processors), a 1024-fold column-parallel data path of charge-based convolution functionality, freely configurable A/D conversion, 8-bit processor elements with 128 bytes of RAM each, and asynchronously compressing output of sparse column da... » read more