Development Of Digital Controlled Technology For High Voltage DC Testing

In recent years, the demand for low power devices has increased due to issues related to global environmental protection. As a result, the demand for high-voltage power devices has also increased. To test such devices, test equipment that can handle high-voltage devices (hereinafter referred to as “test equipment”) is required. In addition, test time must be shortened to reduce manufacturin... » read more

DC Bus Switching Performance as Determined by Commutation Loop Parasitics and Switching Dynamics

In this article a 250 kW all-SiC inverter evaluation kit designed around low-inductance, high-speed power modules is used to demonstrate the DC bus switching performance resulting from the interaction among commutation loop parasitics and the switching dynamics. The interplay among the DC bus structure parasitics and near-RF switching dynamics can be quantified in both the time and frequency do... » read more