Deep Learning (DL) Applications In Photomask To Wafer Semiconductor Manufacturing

The Survey: 2021 Deep Learning Applications List by eBeam Initiative members is a list of current deep learning efforts that are being used in photomask to wafer semiconductor manufacturing. Examples come from ASML, D2S, Fraunhofer IPMS, Hitachi High-Tech Corporation, imec, Siemens Industries Software, Inc., Siemens EDA, STMicroelectronics, and TASMIT. Published by the eBeam Initiative Membe... » read more

System Bits: May 1

Tiniest implanted wireless nerve stimulator UC Berkeley researchers, co-led by Rikky Muller, who is also assistant professor of electrical engineering and computer sciences at Berkeley, have built what they say is the smallest volume, most efficient wireless nerve stimulator to date. Before this milestone, UC Berkeley engineers demonstrated the first implanted, ultrasonic neural dust sensor... » read more