Challenges In Writing SDC Constraints

Writing design constraints is becoming more difficult as chips become more heterogeneous, and as they are expected to function longer in the field. Timing and power can change over time, and constraints need to be adjusted to that changing context. Synopsys’ Ajay Daga, group director for R&D at Synopsys, talks about the challenges in pushing constraints down to different hierarchical portions... » read more

Experts At The Table: Next-Generation IP Landscape

By Ann Steffora Mutschler System-Level Design sat down to discuss predictions about the next generation design IP landscape with Robert Aitken, R&D fellow at ARM; Laurent Moll, chief technical officer at Arteris; Susan Peterson, group director, product marketing for verification IP & memory models in the system & software realization group at Cadence; and John Koeter, vice preside... » read more