Challenges In Writing SDC Constraints

Writing design constraints is becoming more difficult as chips become more heterogeneous, and as they are expected to function longer in the field. Timing and power can change over time, and constraints need to be adjusted to that changing context. Synopsys’ Ajay Daga, group director for R&D at Synopsys, talks about the challenges in pushing constraints down to different hierarchical portions... » read more

Boosting Analog Reliability

Aveek Sarkar, vice president of Synopsys’ Custom Compiler Group, talks about challenges with complex design rules, rigid design methodologies, and the gap between pre-layout and post-layout simulation at finFET nodes. » read more

Verification As A Flow (Part 2)

Semiconductor Engineering sat down to discuss the transformation of verification from a tool to a flow with Vladislav Palfy, global manager application engineering for OneSpin Solutions; Dave Kelf, chief marketing officer for Breker Verification Systems; Mark Olen, product marketing group manager for Mentor, A Siemens Business; Larry Melling, product management director, System & Verificati... » read more