A Simplified Way to Debug IIP Designs and SoC

Design problems that appear in the late phases of the development cycle can be extremely difficult to track down and debug, thus putting project schedules at risk. It's not uncommon for an engineer to run the verification test on what appears to be the main design problem, only to find the problem in the dump. Traditional debug techniques don't always help to localize the issue. This whitepaper... » read more

Do More, Earlier

The ARM Cortex-R52 processor is the most advanced processor for functional safety and the first implementation of the ARMv8-R architecture. Along with the announcement of the Cortex-R52, ARM offers a number of development tools to help partners speed up their path to market. This is especially helpful for a new architecture which highlights software separation for safety and security. This arti... » read more

Open IP Development Tools

By Pascal Chauvet How much time have you wasted trying to understand software tools by deciphering the logic of their creator? I always find it very frustrating to be limited by features and tool capabilities that do not do exactly what I want, or which do not work at all with my other applications. We are engineers! We can learn and adapt, but we often want to be able to extend and improve th... » read more