New & Faster Single-Crystalline Oxide Thin Films (Max Planck, Cambridge, U of Penn.)

A technical paper titled “Li iontronics in single-crystalline T-Nb2O5 thin films with vertical ionic transport channels” was published by researchers at Max Planck Institute of Microstructure Physics, University of Cambridge, University of Pennsylvania, Gumi Electronics and Information Technology Research Institute, Northwestern University, and ALBA Synchrotron Light Source. Abstract: "Th... » read more

Crystal Phase Control during Epitaxial Hybridization of III-V Semiconductors with Silicon

Abstract: "The formation and propagation of anti-phase boundaries (APBs) in the epitaxial growth of III-V semiconductors on Silicon is still the subject of great debate, despite the impressive number of studies focusing on this topic in the last past decades. The control of the layer phase is of major importance for the future realization of photonic integrated circuits that include efficien... » read more

Extending The IC Roadmap

An Steegen, executive vice president of semiconductor technology and systems at Imec, sat down with Semiconductor Engineering to discuss IC scaling and chip packaging. Imec is working on next-generation transistors, but it is also developing several new technologies for IC packaging, such as a proprietary silicon bridge, a cooling technology and packaging modules. What follows are excerpts of t... » read more