Metal Thermal Interface Material For The Next Generation FCBGA

Thermal interface materials (TIMs) have been widely adopted for improved thermal dissipation in flip chip ball grid array (FCBGA), flip chip lidded ball grid array (FCLGA) and flip chip pin grid array (FCPGA) packaging. As the next generation devices' requirements for power get even higher, enhanced thermal performance at the package level is increasingly important. A typical TIM applies a poly... » read more

What’s After FinFETs?

Chipmakers are readying their next-generation technologies based on 10nm and/or 7nm finFETs, but it's still not clear how long the finFET will last, how long the 10nm and 7nm nodes for high-end devices will be extended, and what comes next. The industry faces a multitude of uncertainties and challenges at 5nm, 3nm and beyond. Even today, traditional chip scaling continues to slow as process ... » read more