Pinpointing Timing Delays in Complex SoCs

Telemetry circuits are becoming a necessity in complex heterogeneous chips and packages to show how these devices are behaving post-production, but fusing together relevant data to identify the sources of problems adds its own set of challenges. In the past, engineering teams could build margin into chips to offset any type of variation. But at advanced nodes and in advanced packages, tolera... » read more

Measuring Frequency Dependence Across 5G mmWave Bands (NIST)

New research paper from NIST, "Methodology for Measuring the Frequency Dependence of Multipath Channels Across the Millimeter-Wave Spectrum." Abstract "Millimeter-wave (mmWave) communications promise Gigabit/s data rates thanks to the availability of large swaths of bandwidth between 10–100 GHz. Although cellular operators prefer the lower portions of the spectrum due to popular belief ... » read more

A Decade At The Ceiling

This month marks the tenth anniversary of the introduction of the Intel Pentium 4 HT 570J, which had an advertised operating frequency of 3.8 GHz. It was manufactured in a 90nm process, had a VID voltage range of 1.2V-1.425V and was rated at 115W TDP. In a previous article, Power to Fly, we looked at the graph that I’m including again here below for reference. The microprocessor indu... » read more