EV Electrical System Development With Generative Design

Automotive electrical and electronic (E/E) systems are becoming more complex, making the task of designing today’s cars much more difficult. Infotainment, comfort and convenience features, and even safety- and mission-critical systems such as steering and throttle control are accomplished through electrically powered computers, actuators, and sensors. Electric vehicles (EVs) will only incr... » read more

Generative Design For EV Electrical Systems

Electric vehicles (EVs) are popularly held as the future of personal mobility and transportation. New electric car manufacturers are flooding the market while established OEMs divert more investment to electric vehicle programs in an attempt to stay ahead. Automotive electrical and electronic systems are becoming more complex, and the complexity is beginning to strain conventional design method... » read more

What Is Generative Design And Why Do You Need It?

The automotive industry is undergoing an electronic revolution. As design complexity increases, the legacy methods and tools used by OEMs are struggling to meet the demands of this new automotive landscape. Engineers are being asked to produce more sophisticated designs under a perfect storm of complexity, cost, and change management pressures. Generative design empowers automotive design teams... » read more