Fermi-level Tuning Improves Device Stability of 2D Transistors With Amorphous Gate Oxides

New technical paper titled "Improving stability in two-dimensional transistors with amorphous gate oxides by Fermi-level tuning" from researchers at Institute for Microelectronics, TU Wien, AMO GmbH, University of Wuppertal, and RWTH Aachen University. Abstract "Electronic devices based on two-dimensional semiconductors suffer from limited electrical stability because charge carriers origin... » read more

Manufacturing Bits: Dec. 31

Bringing Graphene Down To Earth For years, the semiconductor industry has been looking at graphene as a next-generation technology for a multitude of applications. One potential application, the graphene field-effect transistor (GFET), has been developed by various companies and universities. There are several advantages and disadvantages with GFETs. On one hand, GFETs have a higher mobilit... » read more