Graphene Nanoribbon Transistors Using Hydrocarbon Seeds (University of Wisconsin-Madison)

New research paper titled "Graphene nanoribbons initiated from molecularly derived seeds" from researchers at University of Wisconsin-Madison with contributions from Argonne National Laboratory. Abstract "Semiconducting graphene nanoribbons are promising materials for nanoelectronics but are held back by synthesis challenges. Here we report that molecular-scale carbon seeds can be exploi... » read more

What’s After CMOS?

Chipmakers continue to scale the CMOS transistor to finer geometries, but the question is for how much longer. The current thinking is that the CMOS transistor could scale at least to the 3nm node in the 2021 timeframe. And then, CMOS could run out of gas, prompting the need for a new switch technology. So what’s after the CMOS-based transistor? Carbon nanotubes and graphene get the most a... » read more