Leveraging Multi-Protocol PHY For PCIe To Cope With SoC Design Complexity

Now in the post-Moore’s Law era, the fast-evolving semiconductor market is continually geared toward higher performance and feature-rich integrated chip (IC) solutions. More functional design blocks integrated with growing interconnections—to not only increase the overall throughput but also expand the I/O connectivity—resulted in a more powerful system on chip (SoC). This increasing comp... » read more

Hyperconnectivity, Hyperscale Computing, And Moving Edges

As described in “The Four Pillars of Hyperscale Computing” last year, the four core components that development teams consider for data centers are computing, storage, memory, and networking. Over the previous decade, requirements for programmability have fundamentally changed data centers. Just over a decade ago, in 2010, virtual machines would compute user workloads on CPU-centric archite... » read more

System Design For Next-Generation Hyperscale Data Centers

As we are in the process of hyperscaling the large volumes of data that our devices and sensors create, processing this data along the way at far and near edges, and transmitting the hard-to-imagine volumes of data through networks to data centers for processing, the data center itself is undergoing a fundamental shift with new networking and architecture co-design opportunities. In a previous ... » read more

Different Requirements For Hyperscale Computing Across Vertical Application Domains

As mentioned in previous posts, one of the key conversations I have with customers a lot these days is how to deal with the balance of storage, compute and connectivity as we enter the era of hyperscale computing. While there are overarching challenges that are “of similar class” across the vertical application domains—consumer, hyperscale computing, mobile, networking, aerospace/defense,... » read more

Hyperscale And Edge Computing: The What, Where And How

We hear a lot about “edge computing” these days. We are approaching an era in which unfathomable amounts of data are created, which need to be transmitted, stored, processed and made sense of. As we are witnessing never-before-seen scaling in all those domains, the term “hyperscale” computing has been invented. But what about the edge? As it turns out, the definition seems to have chang... » read more

Hyperscale And Artificial Intelligence Are Reshaping Value Chains

Observing electronic ecosystems and value chains change over time is fascinating. For instance, the design chain for mobile devices fundamentally changed over the past two decades with waves of disaggregation and aggregation. Today, the area of computing and data centers is amid tectonic shifts and transformation, with the combination of hyperscale, networking, artificial intelligence (AI), and... » read more

Power-Hungry Safety And Security

There is a price to pay for everything. When it comes to adding safety and security into a device, the costs in terms of power and area can be significant, but if the task is taken seriously, those costs can be managed and minimized. New analysis and implementation tools are coming to market that can also help to keep the costs contained. But it also requires the right mindset. As more indus... » read more