Building Scalable And Efficient Data Centers With CXL

The AI boom is giving rise to profound changes in the data center; demanding AI workloads are driving an unprecedented need for low latency, high-bandwidth connectivity and flexible access to more memory and compute power when needed. The Compute Express Link (CXL) interconnect offers new ways for data centers to enhance performance and efficiency between CPUs, accelerators and storage and move... » read more

First Line of Defense: Developer Security Tools In The IDE

We all want to produce better and more secure software, and we want to do it faster than ever before. For developers, this means taking on more responsibility for security without sacrificing velocity, as well as learning new tools and processes that may have been prescribed by teams that are disconnected from the development process. By bringing security detection and remediation into the i... » read more

Three Key Aspects Of IP Quality

It’s no secret that today’s huge system-on-chip (SoC) projects require massive amounts of design reuse. No team, no matter how talented, can design a billion or more gates from scratch. They use extensive borrowing of RTL code from previous and related projects, plus hundreds of thousands of instantiated IP blocks from internal libraries, open-source repositories, development partners, and ... » read more

AI/ML Workloads Need Extra Security

The need for security is pervading all electronic systems. But given the growth in data-center machine-learning computing, which deals with extremely valuable data, some companies are paying particular attention to handling that data securely. All of the usual data-center security solutions must be brought to bear, but extra effort is needed to ensure that models and data sets are protected ... » read more

Latency Considerations Of IDE Deployment On CXL Interconnects

Certain applications and hardware types – emerging memory, artificial intelligence/machine learning (AI/ML), and cloud servers, to name a few – can realize significant performance advantages when a low latency interface is employed. However, traditional interconnects like PCI Express (PCIe) often do not offer low enough latencies required to optimize these applications. In response, the Com... » read more

Virtual Iron (Chef)

I love good food but I am a horrible cook. Partially because my wife is a wonderful chef at home and I can enjoy the comfort of just eating. Until recently, I couldn’t handle most of the kitchen equipment and I had no clue which ingredients and spices work well together. When I read cooking recipes my brain started to freeze and I felt completely clueless. This was nagging me at times and... » read more

Choosing The Right Kite

By Jon McDonald At my 16-year-old son’s suggestion the two of us have been taking kite-surfing lessons. Last weekend part of the lesson covered the different kinds of kites, how they compare and reasons to use one versus another. One of the points made by the instructor was the need to have different kites for different conditions. It’s such a simple concept, but one that was forgotten ... » read more