IR Laser Imaging Is Rapidly Changing IR Microscopy

IR laser imaging is finally being commercialized into smart analytical equipment. New applications continue to emerge and yield massive advantages, thanks to the direct combination with FT-IR technology. The application notes below provide valuable insights into three applications of IR laser imaging: Tissue imaging Surface analysis Forensic science Click here to read more. » read more

New Method to Measure, At The Wafer Scale, Direct Bonding Energies (CEA-LETI)

A new technical paper titled "Double cantilever beam bonding energy measurement using confocal IR microscopy" was published by researchers at Univ. Grenoble Alpes, CEA-LETI and SOITEC, Parc Technologique des Fontaines. "A new technique is assessed in order to measure, at the wafer scale, direct bonding energies. It is derived from the standard Double Cantilever Beam (DCB) method and uses int... » read more