Manufacturing Bits: July 15

Multi-beam hits milestone Mapper Lithography has reached a major milestone in its ongoing push to bring multi-beam, direct-write lithography into the mainstream. The Dutch-based company recently installed its initial pre-production tool at CEA-Leti, a French-based R&D organization. The tool, dubbed Matrix 1.1, is a multi-beam, e-beam system for direct-write applications. During the r... » read more

The Week In Review: Manufacturing

As feature sizes continue to shrink and new device architectures are introduced, the IC industry will require new breakthroughs. In fact, feature dimensions will soon have tolerances that are on the order of a few atoms. For the most advanced structures, conventional plasma etch and deposition processes are unable to meet these requirements. As a result, the industry will require tools th... » read more

Billions And Billions Invested

Over the years, next-generation [getkc id="80" kc_name="lithography"] (NGL) has suffered various setbacks and delays. But until recently, the industry basically shrugged its shoulders and expressed relatively little anxiety about the NGL delays. After all, optical lithography was doing the job in the fab and NGL would eventually materialize. Today, however, the mood is different. In fact, th... » read more

Manufacturing Bits: March 4

Shrimp cocktail manufacturing Harvard's Wyss Institute has devised a new degradable bioplastic material, which was isolated from shrimp shells. The shrimp shell-based material could be used in the large-scale manufacturing of cell phones, food containers, toys and many other products. The material is also superior to most bioplastics on the market today. It could be used in place of existing... » read more

Inside Leti’s Litho Lab

By Mark LaPedus Semiconductor Manufacturing & Design sat down to discuss future lithography challenges with Serge Tedesco, lithography program manager at CEA-Leti; Laurent Pain, lithography lab manager at CEA-Leti; and Raluca Tiron, a senior scientist at CEA-Leti. SMD: CEA-Leti has two major and separate programs, including one in directed self-assembly (DSA) and another in multi-beam ... » read more

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