When Is Verification Complete?

Deciding when verification is done is becoming a much more difficult decision, prompting verification teams to increasingly rely on metrics rather than just the tests listed in the verification plan. This trend has been underway for the past couple of process nodes, but it takes time to spot trends and determine whether they are real or just aberrations. The Wilson Research Group conducts a ... » read more

The Top Five Trends in Verification to Watch for at DAC 2016

The Design Automation Conference in Austin is upon us, so it's time for my annual preview of what to look for. In my mind, five trends stand out and are clearly visible in the DAC program as well as in what we are presenting at our booth: Stronger ties between verification engines Software-driven verification with portable stimulus Metric-driven verification Application specificity ... » read more

Maximizing Verification Effectiveness Using Metric-Driven Verification

This paper introduces the Cadence Incisive Verification Kit as a golden example of how to maximize verification effectiveness by applying metric-driven verification (MDV) in conjunction with the Universal Verification Methodology (UVM). MDV provides an overarching approach to the verification problem by transforming an open-ended, open-loop verification process into a manageable, repeatable, de... » read more