Using Formal Verification To Evaluate The HW Reliability Of A RISC-V Ibex Core In The Presence Of Soft Errors

A technical paper titled “Using Formal Verification to Evaluate Single Event Upsets in a RISC-V Core” was published by researchers at University of Southampton. Abstract: "Reliability has been a major concern in embedded systems. Higher transistor density and lower voltage supply increase the vulnerability of embedded systems to soft errors. A Single Event Upset (SEU), which is also calle... » read more

Using Formal Verification To Optimize HLS-Produced Circuits (ETH Zurich)

A new technical paper titled "Eliminating Excessive Dynamism of Dataflow Circuits Using Model Checking" was published by researchers at ETH Zurich. Abstract "Recent HLS efforts explore the generation of dynamically scheduled, dataflow circuits from high-level code; their ability to adapt the schedule at runtime to particular data and control outcomes promises superior performance to standar... » read more

Index-Based Multi-Core BDD Package With Dynamic Memory Management & Reduced Fragmentation

A technical paper titled "EDDY: A Multi-Core BDD Package with Dynamic Memory Management and Reduced Fragmentation" was published by researchers at University of Bremen. ABSTRACT "In recent years, hardware systems have significantly grown in complexity. Due to the increasing complexity, there is a need to continuously improve the quality of the hardware design process. This leads designers t... » read more

Verifying Security Aspects of SoC Designs with Jasper App

This paper presents Jasper technology and methodology to verify the robustness of secure data access and the absence of functional paths touching secure areas of a design. Recently, we have seen an increasing demand in industrial hardware design to verify security information. Complex system-on-chips, such as those for cell phones, game consoles, and servers contain secure information. And it i... » read more