Versatile Thin‐Film Transistor with Independent Control of Charge Injection and Transport for Mixed Signal and Analog Computation

Source: University Of Surrey: Eva Bestelink Olivier de Sagazan Lea Motte Max Bateson Benedikt Schultes S. Ravi P. Silva Radu A. Researchers at University of Surrey and Université de Rennes developed a new device, called a Multimodal Transistor (MMT), that is immune to parasitic effects. In the MMT, on/off switching is controlled independently from the amount of current passing th... » read more

Power/Performance Bits: Dec. 23

Detecting early damage in power electronics Researchers at Osaka University to detect early damage in power electronics. The team used acoustic emission analysis to monitor in real time the propagation of cracks in a silicon carbide Schottsky diode during power cycling tests. During the power cycling test, the researchers mimicked repeatedly turning the device on and off, to monitor the res... » read more