Organic Bioelectronic Device To Record And Transmit Brain Signals Plus Provide Power

A technical paper titled "Integrated internal ion-gated organic electrochemical transistors for stand-alone conformable bioelectronics" was published by researchers at Columbia University and Columbia University Medical Center. Abstract: "Organic electronics can be biocompatible and conformable, enhancing the ability to interface with tissue. However, the limitations of speed and integration ... » read more

System Bits: May 12

Optomechanical tuning A new method developed by Rice University researchers for tuning the light induced vibrations of nanoparticles through slight alterations to the surface to which the particles are attached could open doors for new applications of photonics from molecular sensing to wireless communications. The researchers at Rice’s Laboratory for Nanophotonics (LANP) collaborated wit... » read more

System Bits: Dec. 16

High rise chip For decades, the mantra of the semiconductor industry has been ‘smaller, faster, cheaper.’ Stanford researchers are also adding ‘taller’ to the mix, and describing how to build high-rise chips that promise to leapfrog the performance of the single-story logic and memory chips on today's circuit cards. Stanford researchers said their approach would end the ‘logjams�... » read more