Whatever Happened to High-Level Synthesis?

A few years ago, [getkc id="105" comment="high-level synthesis"] (HLS) was probably the most talked about emerging technology that was to be the heart of a new [getkc id="48" kc_name="Electronic System Level"] (ESL) flow. Today, we hear much less about the progress being made in this area. Semiconductor Engineering sat down to discuss this with Bryan Bowyer, director of engineering for high lev... » read more

Say Hi To Hybrid

It has been proposed for some time that virtual platforms could be linked to emulation hardware in order to co-verify the software and hardware components of an SoC. However, that proposal now has evolved into hybrid emulation, a practical solution to allow pre-silicon verification and validation of today’s complex SoC designs. First-rate work by the standards body Accellera and the Open ... » read more

Experts At The Table: The Future Of SystemC

By Ed Sperling System-Level Design moderated a discussion about the future of SystemC with Thomas Alsop, corporate design solution expert at Intel; Ambar Sarkar, chief verification technologist at Paradigm Works; Mike Meredith, vice president of technical marketing at Forte Design systems; David Black, certified training instructor at Doulos. Here are some of the key outtakes of that discussio... » read more

Standards Update

By Ann Steffora Mutschler In the sometimes-murky waters of system-level modeling standards where real-world adoption can be difficult to track, work is progressing to help hardware and software engineers realize the promise of true hardware-software codesign. The three main standards efforts related to modeling at the system level are OSCI’s TLM-2.0, OCP-IP’s OCP and Open Modeling TAB a... » read more