AlphaGo Game Influences Argonne’s New AI Tool For Materials Discovery

Research paper titled "Learning in continuous action space for developing high dimensional potential energy models" from researchers at Argonne National Lab with contributions from Oak Ridge National Laboratory. Abstract "Reinforcement learning (RL) approaches that combine a tree search with deep learning have found remarkable success in searching exorbitantly large, albeit discrete action ... » read more

Manufacturing Bits: Sept. 11

Periodic table for molecules In what could propel the development of new materials, the Tokyo Institute of Technology has developed a periodic table for molecules. If the proposed concept is developed and adopted, the table could one day be used for creating new materials. It also may predict new materials for future use. This table is somewhat akin to the periodic table of elements, wh... » read more

The Search For New Materials

It makes sense that the first chips were built out of silicon. It’s hard to think of a more abundant material than sand, or one that’s so easily accessible in so many places. It’s like building the first homes out of earthen bricks. There was never a shortage of materials. Even aluminum and copper for the wires and interconnects in these chips are readily available, despite the rising ... » read more