SiC Power Electronics Packaging: Floating Die Structure and Liquid Metal Fluidic Connection (Cambridge U. )

A new technical paper titled "Liquid Metal Fluidic Connection and Floating Die Structure for Ultralow Thermomechanical Stress of SiC Power Electronics Packaging" was published by researchers at Cambridge University. Abstract "Coefficients of thermal expansion (CTE) of various materials in packaging structure layers vary largely, causing significant thermomechanical stress in power electroni... » read more

Automotive Semiconductors Require Integrated Test Solution

The automotive semiconductor test market is experiencing organic growth as chipmakers produce higher volumes of devices serving an array of automotive applications. In addition, the range of applications for automotive-grade semiconductors is evolving as the technology advances. Manufacturers of automated test equipment (ATE) are adapting to ensure their systems can handle devices ranging from ... » read more

Power Stage Selection Considerations For High-Current Voltage Regulators

There are several key things to consider when selecting a power stage for high-current voltage regulators: What area does the power stage need to fit in? What is the continuous output current? What is the maximum peak current? This should not exceed the peak current rating of the power stage. What is the power loss for sustained output current? This can be calculated... » read more

Liquid Cooling And GaN: A Winning Combination

Data centers are facing an unprecedented transformation due to the surge in generative AI and other emerging technologies. A single ChatGPT session consumes 50 to 100 times more energy than a comparable Google search, escalating data center rack power requirements towards 200 kW or more, presenting serious challenges for operators. Cooling, in fact, takes up about 40% of the power requireme... » read more

Efficient Electronics

Attention nowadays has turned to the energy consumption of systems that run on electricity. At the moment, the discussion is focused on electricity consumption in data centers: if this continues to rise at its current rate, it will account for a significant proportion of global electricity consumption in the future. Yet there are other, less visible electricity consumers whose power needs are a... » read more

Optimize Power For RF/μW Hybrid And Digital Phased Arrays

Field-programmable gate arrays (FPGAs) are a critical component of both digital and hybrid phased array technology. Powering FPGAs for aerospace and defense applications comes with its own set of challenges, especially because these applications require higher reliability than many industrial or consumer technologies. This blog post will provide a brief history on beamforming and beam-steeri... » read more

Enabling New Applications With SiC IGBT And GaN HEMT For Power Module Design

The need to mitigate climate change is driving a need to electrify our infrastructure, vehicles, and appliances, which can then be charged and powered by renewable energy sources. The most visible and impactful electrification is now under way for electric vehicles (EVs). Beyond the transition to electric engines, several new features and technologies are driving the electrification of vehicles... » read more

Protecting Automotive Power Distribution

It was on a warm summer’s evening aboard a cruise boat on one of Austria’s most beautiful lakes that I was co-hosting an Infineon event to conclude a professional experience week for a group of around 50 students from technical high schools in the region. It was time for the final round for us to showcase our creations. Smaller groups of around 10 students went from co-host to co-host, a... » read more

High-Temp, High-Electron Mobility MOSFETs Based On N-Type Diamond

A new technical paper titled "High-Temperature and High-Electron Mobility Metal-Oxide-Semiconductor Field-Effect Transistors Based on N-Type Diamond" was published by researchers at National Institute for Materials Science (Japan). Abstract: "Diamond holds the highest figure-of-merits among all the known semiconductors for next-generation electronic devices far beyond the performance of c... » read more

Using Picosecond Ultrasonics To Measure Trench Structures In SiC Power Devices

The road to the future is not always a smooth, trouble-free drive. Along the way, there may be unforeseen detours, potholes and accidents, each one capable of setting progress back. But for those behind the wheel, those obstacles are just a part of the journey. Such is the case for the automotive industry as it continues to steer away from gas-powered vehicles and turn toward hybrid and elec... » read more

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