The Week in Review: IoT

Finance BroadLink has raised $54.4 million in Series D funding from Citic Private Equity Funds Management. Baidu and Libai Group participated in the new round. BroadLink will use the money to expand its artificial intelligence and Internet of Things units, while also acquiring or investing in companies involved in smart home devices. Aperio Systems of Haifa, Israel, has received $4.5 millio... » read more

ARM Cortex-M For Beginners

The ARM Cortex-M family now has six processors. In this paper, we compare the features of various Cortex-M processors and highlight considerations for selecting the correct processor for your application. The paper includes detailed comparisons of the Cortex-M instruction sets and advanced interrupt capabilities, along with system-level features, debug and trace features, and performance compa... » read more

How To Choose A Processor

Choosing a processor might seem straightforward at first glance, but like many engineering challenges it's harder than it looks. When is a CPU better than a GPU, MCU, DSP or other type of processor? And for what design—or part of a design? For decades, the CPU has been the default choice. “It is deliberately designed to be pretty efficient at all tasks, is straightforward to program, ... » read more

Revolutionizing The Connected World

One of the 21st century’s biggest global developments is the evolution of connectivity. If you had asked someone 20 years ago what they understand the word ‘connected’ to mean, it is unlikely they would associate it so firmly with technology. Mobile technology has transformed the way in which we interact with one another. We are surrounded by a rapidly growing network of connected devi... » read more

x86 Processor Road Map No Longer Just About Speed

By Ed Sperling The decades-old approach of powerful processors with ever-faster clock speeds is changing. Performance matters in some settings, but the real concern is adding more functionality within power budgets. The most pressing tradeoff is now performance vs. power, which has forced processor architects at AMD, Intel and IBM to take into account everything from application software to... » read more

Hot Chips 2009: It’s All About Multicore And Low-Power

By Pallab Chatterjee The game has changed for processors. The goal now is data throughput, not higher gigahertz and more watts. That shift dominated the presentations at the Hot Chips conference this week. In previous years, the theme was higher single-core performance, more power and smaller geometries processes. This year it was all about multi-core and multi-power options as the realities ... » read more