Hardware Implementation Of A Random Gumber Generator On A FPGA

A new research paper titled "FPGA Random Number Generator" was published by a researcher at Johns Hopkins University. According to the paper's abstract: "This paper offers a proof-of-concept for creating a verilog-based hardware design that utilizes random measurement and scrambling algorithms to generate 32-bit random synchronously with a single clock cycle on a field-programmable-gate-arr... » read more

Quantum Random Numbers Future-Proof Encryption

It may be a decade or more before quantum computers become common enough that we'll find out whether "post-quantum cryptography" will stand up to genuine quantum computers. In the meantime, some quantum researchers are peeling off specific functions and turning them into products or companies so that it's possible to take advantage of the potential of quantum computers without actually havin... » read more

True Random Number Generators For Truly Secure Systems

Random numbers form the basis, or root, of most security systems. Yet the methods for generating random numbers vary widely in practice as well as efficacy. Over time, many popular randomization algorithms and circuit implementations have been shown to be provably flawed. The paper will examine current methods for generating random numbers based on various sources of entropy as well as their as... » read more