‘Hug The Debug’ – Before It’s Too Late

Though the term “shift-left” originated in the software industry, its importance is often cited in the hardware (semiconductor) industry where the end-product (chip) costs are skyrocketing. The increase in cost is driven by a global chip shortage, especially in the automotive industry. Manufacturing a robust chip is a long, iterative process that may require many re-spins. Shift-left refers... » read more

Culture Clash In Analog

The analog/mixed signal world is being shaken up by a mix of new tools, an influx of younger engineers with new and broader approaches, and an emphasis on changing methodologies to improve time to market. Analog and digital engineers have never quite seen eye-to-eye. Analog teams leverage techniques that have been around, in some cases, for decades, while digital teams rely heavily on the la... » read more

Solutions For Mixed-Signal SoC Verification Using Real Number Models

As old methods fall short, new techniques make advanced SoC verification possible. This paper presents mixed-signal block and IC-level verification methodologies using analog behavioral modeling and combined analog and digital solvers. It then describes analog real number modeling (RNM) and how it is used in top-level SoC verification. To view this white paper, click here. » read more

The New Mixed-Signal Flow

By Ann Steffora Mutschler We are on the cusp of the mixed-signal era. Traditional mixed-signal design environments, in which analog and digital parts are implemented separately, no longer are sufficient. They lead to excess iteration and prolonged design cycle time. Today’s mixed-signal designs require a new approach that enables design teams to be as efficient as possible productivity... » read more