HW Security: Fingerprints Of Digital Circuits Using Electromagnetic Side-Channel Sensing & Simulations (Georgia Tech)

A technical paper titled "Circuit Activity Fingerprinting Using Electromagnetic Side-Channel Sensing and Digital Circuit Simulations" was published by researchers at Georgia Tech. The work "introduces a novel circuit identification method based on “fingerprints” of periodic circuit activity that does not rely on any circuit-specific reference measurements. We capture these “fingerprint... » read more

Electro-optic spatial light modulator from an engineered organic layer

Abstract "Tailored nanostructures provide at-will control over the properties of light, with applications in imaging and spectroscopy. Active photonics can further open new avenues in remote monitoring, virtual or augmented reality and time-resolved sensing. Nanomaterials with χ(2) nonlinearities achieve highest switching speeds. Current demonstrations typically require a trade-off: they eith... » read more