Improving The Retention Characteristics Of 3D NAND Flash Memories

A technical paper titled “3D NAND Flash Memory Cell Current and Interference Characteristics Improvement With Multiple Dielectric Spacer” was published by researchers at Myongji University, Soongsil University, and Seoul National University. Abstract: "To achieve high density, the spacer length of three dimensional (3D) NAND device has been scaled down. When the program/erase cycle repeat... » read more

Nonvolatile ECRAM With A Short-Circuit Retention Time Several Orders of Magnitude Higher Than Previously Shown

A new technical paper titled "Nonvolatile Electrochemical Random-Access Memory Under Short Circuit" was published by researchers at University of Michigan and Sandia National Laboratories. Abstract "Electrochemical random-access memory (ECRAM) is a recently developed and highly promising analog resistive memory element for in-memory computing. One longstanding challenge of ECRAM is attainin... » read more