How AiP/AoP Technology Helps Enable 5G And More

For 5G smartphones and other millimeter wave (mmWave) applications, antenna integration off the board and into the package, simplifies the design challenges endemic to high-frequency devices. These challenges include signal loss, signal integrity, and power supply limitation. Antenna in Package (AiP) and Antenna on Package (AoP) constructions provide the required form, fit and function for high... » read more

Enabling The 5G RF Front-End Module Evolution With The DSMBGA Package

The advanced SiP double-sided molded BGA platform has become an industry technology standard in this domain. Applying leading-edge design rules for 3D component placement and double-sided molding, together with conformal and compartmental shielding and in-line RF testing, delivers integration levels in a small form factor with high yield. In addition to formidable SiP capacity and DSMBGA techno... » read more

Challenges Grow For 5G Packages And Modules

The shift to 5G wireless networks is driving a need for new IC packages and modules in smartphones and other systems, but this move is turning out to be harder than it looks. For one thing, the IC packages and RF modules for 5G phones are more complex and expensive than today's devices, and that gap will grow significantly in the second phase of 5G. In addition, 5G devices will require an as... » read more