A Novel PUF Using Stochastic Short-Term Memory Time of Oxide-Based RRAM for Embedded Applications

Abstract: "RRAM suffers from poor retention with short-term memory time when using low compliance current for programing. However, the short-term memory time exhibits ideal randomness, which can be exploited as an entropy source for physically unclonable function (PUF). In this work, we demonstrated a novel PUF utilizing the stochastic short-term memory time of oxide-based RRAM. The proposed P... » read more

A Machine-Learning-Resistant 3D PUF with 8-layer Stacking Vertical RRAM and 0.014% Bit Error Rate Using In-Cell Stabilization Scheme for IoT Security Applications

Abstract: "In this work, we propose and demonstrate a multi-layer 3-dimensional (3D) vertical RRAM (VRRAM) PUF with in-cell stabilization scheme to improve both cost efficiency and reliability. An 8-layer VRRAM array was manufactured with excellent uniformity and good endurance of >10 7 . Apart from the variation in RRAM resistance, enhanced randomness is obtained thanks to the parasitic IR... » read more