Achieving Faster Closure With Reduced Setup And Debug Using Advanced RTL Static Signoff Platform

Many design houses are continually seeking ways to shorten their effective design cycle to address demanding market requirements, gain a formidable technological advantage, and secure leadership in their respective industries. This pressure can cause designers to get extremely overwhelmed by strict timelines. To meet tight project timelines, design teams often resort to identifying industry-lea... » read more

Shift Left Verification With Comprehensive Lint Signoff

With soaring complexity and continuously increasing chip sizes, achieving efficient and predictable design closure has become a prominent challenge among designers today. Demand for a faster time to market is forcing designers to find ways to shorten design cycles with accurate, efficient, one-time RTL to silicon. To meet these requirements designers are looking to implement early ”shift left... » read more

The Path To Power Signoff Is Getting Longer

Signoff on power used to be a fairly simple check-the-box kind of activity. Even if power budgets weren’t exactly met, they could usually be fixed in future iterations of a chip, whether that involved derivatives or new revs of the same chip. A number of things have changed since the much simpler days of 45/40nm and above, however. Power is now a market differentiator. In many cases, i... » read more