SARA: Scaling a Reconfigurable Dataflow Accelerator

Yaqi Zhang, Nathan Zhang, Tian Zhao, Matt Vilim, Muhammad Shahbaz, Kunle Olukotun (Stanford) Abstract—"The need for speed in modern data-intensive workloads and the rise of “dark silicon” in the semiconductor industry are pushing for larger, faster, and more energy and areaefficient architectures, such as Reconfigurable Dataflow Accelerators (RDAs). Nevertheless, challenges remain in d... » read more

Yikes! Why Is My SystemVerilog Testbench So Slooooow?

It turns out that [gettech id="31023" comment="SystemVerilog"] != [gettech id="31017" comment="verilog"]. OK, we all figured that out a few years ago as we started to build verification environments using [gettech id="31026" comment="IEEE 1800"] SystemVerilog. While it did add design features like new ways to interface code, it also had verification features like classes, dynamic data types, ... » read more