Security In 2.5D

The long-anticipated move to 2.5D and fan-outs is raising some familiar questions about security. Will multiple chips combined in an advanced package be as secure as SoCs where everything is integrated on the same die? The answer isn't a simple yes or no. Put in perspective, all chips are vulnerable to [getkc id="253" kc_name="side channel attacks"], hacking of memory—a risk that increases... » read more

Why Every Chip Can Be Hacked With This Tool

As explained by Darth Vader in the classic Star Wars saga, the line between good and evil can be very thin. What is sometimes developed for the benefit technology, in the hands of the wrong people, can be devastating. That may seem a bit melodramatic when it comes to discussions around focused ion beam (FIB) applications in semiconductors, but the analogy is quite real. Focused ion beam tec... » read more