First Line of Defense: Developer Security Tools In The IDE

We all want to produce better and more secure software, and we want to do it faster than ever before. For developers, this means taking on more responsibility for security without sacrificing velocity, as well as learning new tools and processes that may have been prescribed by teams that are disconnected from the development process. By bringing security detection and remediation into the i... » read more

Improving DRAM Performance, Security, and Reliability by Understanding and Exploiting DRAM Timing Parameter Margins

Abstract: "Characterization of real DRAM devices has enabled findings in DRAM device properties, which has led to proposals that significantly improve overall system performance by reducing DRAM access latency and power consumption. In addition to improving system performance, a deeper understanding of DRAM technology via characterization can also improve device reliability and security. The... » read more

Week In Review: Design

Acquisitions Marvell signed a definitive agreement to buy Cavium for roughly $6 billion. The deal is expected to close in mid-2018. The Cavium deal fits squarely on the cloud side and gives Marvell a much bigger reach into enterprise networking and infrastructure, as well as some developing markets. Siemens paid an undisclosed price to buy Solido Design Automation, which tracks variation i... » read more