Understanding Noise And Sensitivity In Spectrum Analyzers

Using a spectrum analyzer to measure noise signals requires several additional factors, such as sensitivity or how well the instrument can measure small signals. The analyzer’s noise floor specifies the average noise level (DANL) in dB, which is the amount of internally generated noise. Analyzers apply noise floor extension using an algorithm applied to subtract the analyzer’s noise contrib... » read more

Important Process Parameter And Its Sensitivity Check By Virtual Fabrication: Channel Hole Profile Impact On Advanced 3D NAND Structure

A virtual DOE-based process sensitivity check was performed for two tiers of channel holes in a 3D NAND device. The channel hole tilt distance, twist angle, and their sensitivities to the visible area in silicon-oxide-nitride-oxide (SONO) punch process were analyzed. The results show that controlling the upper tilt distance is more important for offering a larger visible area. Also, a negative ... » read more

Optimization Of The Interface Between The PD And The AFE In High-Speed, High-Density Optical Receivers

A technical paper titled “Optimizing the Photodetector/Analog Front-End Interface in Optical Communication Receivers” was published by researchers at University of Toronto. Abstract: "This article addresses the optimization of the interface between the photodetector (PD) and the analog front-end in high-speed, high-density optical communication receivers. Specifically, the article focuses... » read more