BOLT Optimization Technology Could Bring Obvious Performance Uplift On Arm Server

BOLT is a post-link optimization technology which builds on LLVM framework, which leverages perf tool to collection sampling data and convert the executable into an optimized version. After evaluating BOLT on several workloads such as MySQL, Redis, memcached and nginx on Arm server, we could see obvious performance uplift. This blog post illustrates the methods used to enable BOLT and per... » read more

Closing The Performance Gap Between DRAM And AI Processors

As the workhorse of semiconductor memory, DRAM holds a unique place in the industry thanks to its large storage capacity and ability to feed data and program code to the host processor quickly. Lately, this unsung hero of the circuit board has been taking a backseat to its logic counterparts, as a wave of high-performance FPGAs, CPUs, GPUs, TPUs and custom accelerator ASICs emerges to meet t... » read more

Nginx Performance On AWS Graviton3

In this blog we explore the performance of a Nginx Reverse Proxy (RP) and API Gateway (APIGW) on AWS Graviton3-based instances. We will also refer to these collectively as RP/APIGW. We compared AWS Graviton3-based instances to Intel Xeon 'Ice Lake'-based instances and AWS Graviton2-based instances to demonstrate the leadership performance available with AWS Graviton3. Summary Compared to AWS ... » read more

Performance & Efficiency Cores For Servers

HotChips 2023 was held August 27-29, 2023 at Stanford University in California and was the first in-person version of the conference in 4 years. The conference was held in a hybrid format that had over 500 participants in-person and over 1,000 attending virtually online. Topics covered a broad range of advancements in computing, connectivity, and computer architecture. Both AMD and Intel gav... » read more

Improved Arm Server Price-Performance For HPC

The availability of Amazon EC2 Hpc7g instances with the AWS Graviton3E and Elastic Fabric Adapter (EFA) is opening new opportunities in key areas: Manufacturing Aerospace Automotive engineering Weather prediction The new AWS EC2 instance types have AWS Graviton3E’s 64 Arm Neoverse V1 cores and 8 channels of DDR5 memory. This is alongside the AWS Nitro v5 card with EFA deliver... » read more

Enabling New Server Architectures With The CXL Interconnect

The ever-growing demand for higher performance compute is motivating the exploration of new compute offload architectures for the data center. Artificial intelligence and machine learning (AI/ML) are just one example of the increasingly complex and demanding workloads that are pushing data centers to move away from the classic server computing architecture. These more demanding workloads can be... » read more

Spark On AWS Graviton2 Best Practices: K-Means Clustering Case Study

This report focuses on how to tune a Spark application to run on a cluster of instances. We define the concepts for the cluster/Spark parameters, and explain how to configure them given a specific set of resources. We use a K-Means machine learning algorithm as a case study to analyze and tune the parameters to achieve the required performance while optimally using the available resources. W... » read more

Choosing The Right Memory At The Edge

As the amount of data produced by sensors in cars and phones continues to grow, more of that data needs to be processed locally. It takes too much time and power to send it all to the cloud. But choosing the right memory for a particular application requires a series of tradeoffs involving cost, bandwidth, power, which can vary greatly by device, application, and even the data itself. Frank Fer... » read more

Choosing The Right Server Interface Architectures For High Performance Computing

The largest bulk and cost of a modern high-performance computing (HPC) installation involves the acquisition or provisioning of many identical systems, interconnected by one or more networks, typically Ethernet and/or InfiniBand. Most HPC experts know that there are many choices between different server manufacturers and the options of form factor, CPU, RAM configuration, out of band management... » read more

Energy-Efficient SoCs For The Zettabyte Era Using Power-Saving IP And System Design Techniques

As the modern world becomes increasingly connected, businesses and consumers alike are relying more and more on digital data. Behind the scenes, data centers that manage all of this digital data are a somewhat silent, yet impactful, part of this connectivity revolution. These data centers are lined with servers that process digital data for everything from social media status updates to analyti... » read more

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