Strategies For Faster Yield Ramps On 5nm Chips

Leading chipmakers TSMC and Samsung are producing 5nm devices in high volume production and TSMC is forging ahead with plans for first 3nm silicon by year end. But to meet such aggressive targets, engineers must identify defects and ramp yield faster than before. Getting a handle on EUV stochastic defects — non-repeating patterning defects such as microbridges, broken lines, or missing con... » read more

Enhanced on-chip phase measurement by inverse weak value amplification

Abstract: "Optical interferometry plays an essential role in precision metrology such as in gravitational wave detection, gyroscopes, and environmental sensing. Weak value amplification enables reaching the shot-noise-limit of sensitivity, which is difficult for most optical sensors, by amplifying the interferometric signal without amplifying certain technical noises. We implement a generali... » read more